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This software tool helps you creating window graphics for your offers. These drawings can be inserted via clipboard in Word / Excel or other programs. They describe the window in his wings with their properties by clicking in the appropriate input box, and the software "Window Graphics" created on the basis of this description, a sketch of this window.

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sample MS-Word

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Demo Version

Here you can download a demo version: demo version.

If you have trouble you download please contact us. 


Question: Is it possible to display roller shutter boxes with your software?

Answer: A roller shutter box can be represented in the current version. To do this, create a separate height unit across the entire width and select Shutter Box as the property.
Window with roller shutter box

Question: Is it possible to display roller shutter boxes with your software?

Our software runs on Windows, we do not offer a native version for MAC-OS or Linux. You would need to use on MAC, then use a Windows emulator or a Windows virtual machine.

Question: What is the difference between full and demo version?

In the full version, there is no advertising in the graphics and the window models can then be saved.
You can thus build up a library of frequently used windows. You then load the window model when used and only adjust the size.

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